Rug Cleaning Tenafly

If your rug is dirty or stained, you likely want to have it cleaned. Fortunately, it can be cleaned, but, unfortunately, if it is not cleaned properly, then it can be ruined, and you do not want this. At Rug Cleaning Tenafly, we take pride in caring for your rugs and cleaning them properly to ensure they are returned to you both spotless and odorless.

Your rug is a timeless classic and it can last for up to 150 years or more when it is cared for the right way. When you want to have your rug cleaned, we do offer pickup and delivery services so that you never have to try to worry about transporting your rug around town.

If you would like to learn more about our rug cleaning services in Tenafly or you would like to receive a free estimate, call today at 201-298-4828.

Our Specialized Rug Handwashing Process

Your rugs cannot simply be placed into an automated machine to be cleaned. In fact, an automated machine can ruin your rugs and can leave them a tattered mess. Our team takes the time to make sure all of your rugs are handwashed and not just throw into a machine. Our team will sit down and create a cleaning plan based on your rug’s fibers, condition, colors, and type.

Below, we will talk a little bit about our rug cleaning process, so that you know exactly what to expect when you hire us to clean your rugs.

Pre-inspection. The pre-inspection process will take place prior to your actual rug being cleaned. During this time, our team will look for any signs of wear, faded colors, rips, or any other problematic areas and make note of them.
Color and dye test. Our team will then perform a color and dye test on your rug to determine whether or not the colors will run or if they will bleed in the wash. We can plan your rug’s care appropriately once this test is completed.
Vacuum. We will vacuum off your rug before it is washed to make sure that all dirt and dust is removed from it.
Spot and stain treatment. After the rug is vacuumed, it will be treated with a spot and stain treatment.
Full submersion bath. Your rug will be placed into a full submersion bath that is a mixture of water and a solution suitable for your rug. Our team hand dips all rugs into this solution and will clean them with a soft-bristled brush.
Rinse and dry. Once your rug is washed, it will then be rinsed to remove any leftover dirt or solution. After rinsing it, your rug will then be dried.

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