Rug Repair & Restoration

If you have a rug that you invested in, then you already know how much it means to you and if you have received one as an heirloom, then you know how precious it is. Rugs that are taken care of can last for up to 150 years and they can stay within the family for many generations. While rugs are beautiful and durable, it is no surprise that they can become damaged or the years. From the fringe ripping to a hole in the center of the rug, it happens. The team at Rug Cleaning Tenafly is here to help you when those types of issues arise.

We are able to breathe life back into your rug quickly and affordably with our rug repair and restoration services. We are here to make any repair that you need. Simply call us today at 201-298-4828 to discuss prices and to schedule a pick up.

We Repair Rug Damage in Tenafly

Your rug is not invincible, and it will become damaged over time. For example, if you have a table on a portion of your rug for too long, the table may wear down the area on the rug where it once was. This can leave the rug open to an easy tear or rip.

Holes and stains are two of the most common types of damage that happen to a rug but with the help of our experts, they do not have to be a problem.

We repair all types of rug damage in Tenafly and some of the most common types include:

Stains and spots
Shredding and fuzzing
Curling or the corners
Rips and holes
Water damage
Fraying of the edges

We Restore Rugs – Tenafly, NJ

We have a number of on-site rug restoration technicians that are ready to inspect your rug and provide you with a solution to the damage that is present. We offer many different services that can help return your rug back to its beautiful and lovely state.

Some of the rug restoration services we offer include:

Damage from insects and moths
Fringe work, cleaning, and replacement
Hole and tear repairs
Color fading restorations
Hem stitching
And more

We Can Handle Your Rug Restoration Quickly

We work as quickly as possible while helping preserve the integrity and delicate nature of your rug. At Rug Cleaning Tenafly, we are here to help you and provide your rug with the repairs and restorations it needs. Call us today at 201-298-4828 to schedule an appointment with us.